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Located in the bustling center of Mshereib downtown Doha, the latest landmark City in Qatar, is the home of our different luxurious curtain works such as American drapery, Roman and Venetian blinds, we provide them and installed them different types of motorized curtain services and it is still visible till now from their public areas to guestrooms. Being a high end client we also cater and pass to their needs of comfortable and outdoor cushions and pillows





Steingenberger Hotel

Strategically located at Doha Airport road, this hotel with 200 apartment rooms is another pride for Rankoussi, our wallpapers and curtains is presented in their Junior and Presidential Suites rooms. They receive good rating and feedback in the past year due to their magnificent interior design, of course with our company as their official supplier.


Doha Oasis

Situated in the heart of Doha with 440, 000 m2 of area, this 7 star hotel is a happy client for many years already, our work can be seen in their motorized curtains that we installed, and those elegant fabrics to their luxury residential units that can sum up to 850 windows, Is our pure labor and love that many noted it as remarkably astonishing, since we are able to finish it in just 3 months

Qatar Foundation

As we cater to different standard of living, our work for Education City Community Housing is truly an upscale to check, we installed curtains for their 2 lot compound that have 649 villas and apartments intended for their employees.


Viva Bahriya Tower 8


Muraikh Compound

From curtains, carpet and furniture, our signatures is amazingly in this compound. One of our best work here is the unique handmade furniture that is publicly display in their living room, dining room up to their bedroom.


VIP offices